Bleuets Mistassini Ltée. strives for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, product integrity and process reliability, as well as verifiable traceability, and aims to address client requests promptly. The environment is also at the heart of everything we do.


How can a company like ours be truly sustainable?

In order to be truly sustainable, we must consider matters of efficiency, the environment and responsible work practices at every stage of the production process. All involved must cooperate and share a common vision.

Our sustainable development policy is designed to:

  • Reduce Bleuets Mistassini’s environmental footprint
  • Underscore Bleuets Mistassini’s long-standing reputation as a responsible company
  • Increase our earnings

Bleuets Mistassini Ltée. commits to maintaining sustainable development practices in everything it undertakes and, above all, to continually improve its practices.

In practical terms, the implementation of sustainable development practices in our industry will occur within seven key areas:

1. Agriculture

Seek sustainable agricultural production by:

  • Promoting the maximum regeneration of lands and forests used in the production of conventional and organic blueberries
  • Reducing, as much as possible, the use of chemical fertilizers and related products (organic products are free of such products by definition)
2. Procurement and transportation
  • Strive to use sustainable and ethical practices, from harvest to delivery
  • Integrate sustainable development practices in decision making matters related to the purchase of goods and services
  • Reduce CO2 emissions related to transportation and ensure product traceability by:
    • Choosing local suppliers whenever possible
  • Procuring wild blueberries grown near the plant
  • Choose products with a high percentage of recycled content
  • Enhance relationships with producers who adhere to organic practices
3. Energy consumption
  • Use natural resources and energy responsibly by:
    • Improving our facilities’ energy efficiency (notably by converting to LED lighting)
  • Reducing water and energy consumption throughout the production cycle
  • Use renewable energy sources (notably by powering the plant through hydroelectric sources)
  • Encourage employees to save energy
  • Invest continually in work processes that will reduce the consumption of natural resources
4. Social involvement
  • Be involved in the community
  • Support local projects
  • Encourage and support volunteer work
5. Recycling
  • Promote recycling and reuse
  • Reduce waste load
  • Reduce the use of paper and plastic
6. Quality and safety
  • Maintain food quality and safety certifications (FSSC 22000)
  • Enhance continual quality control practices
  • Preserve the nutritional value of wild blueberries through the latest flash-freezing techniques (IQF)
  • Favour organic production practices and maintain certification ratings
7. Health and quality of life
  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace
  • Develop processes for training and advancement

Ultimately, Bleuets Mistassini aims to:

  • Make decisions based on concepts and principles it can be proud of
  • Operate a profitable business that values and protects the environment, while providing products whose quality and sustainable origins are second to none
  • Consider, measure and minimize the impact of its activities on the environment and people
  • Build on existing relationships and develop partnerships with stakeholders who share a common vision of sustainable business practices

Food Safety – a priority

Food Safety comes first at Bleuets Mistassini Ltée.

We are committed to supplying products of the highest quality, produced in accordance with the most stringent Food Safety requirements – from farm to fork.

Food Safety procedures and practices are reviewed frequently to continually reduce contamination risks.

Our products are traceable from the field to their final packaging.

A quality control team responds to customer concerns without delay.

Our certifications