The Bleuets Mistassini Ltée. plant covers some 100,000 square feet (9,300 m2) and processes approximately 30 million pounds (13,600 mt) of wild blueberries each year. This allows us to make our tasty and wholesome frozen wild berry available year-round.

In order to keep up with growing worldwide demand, we endeavour to continuously improve our operations, thereby ensuring that quality is never compromised.

Over the past 20 years, Bleuets Mistassini Ltée. has built a world-class reputation, supported by our investments in research and development, technology, and staff training.

Processing Stages

Our processing stages ensure a top-quality finished product. Individual quick freezing enables berries to retain their shape, flavour and numerous nutritional attributes.

From field to frozen:
  • Continuous MONITORING during harvesting
  • Supervised sorting of all fresh wild blueberries upon reception at the plant (acceptance or rejection, and grading)
  • Screening to remove leaves, twigs and other impurities
  • Six step washing process
  • Air-drying to avoid water crystallization
  • Quick, ultra-cold freezing, using the IQF method (Individual Quick Freezing)
  • First Cap-stem removal, Size-grading and Storage
  • Second Cap-stem removal and post-freezing mechanical sorting stages
  • Electronic laser sorting
  • Visual inspection
  • Powerful magnet used to remove even the finest metal particles
  • Metal detection
  • Packaging, weight accuracy verification and sampling
  • Automated package sealing, coding and TRACEABILITY
  • Storage and delivery preparation
  • Supervised loading and sealing
Our Organic berries:
  • Our Organic wild berries are certified annually
  • Transportation is monitored from the field to our plant
  • The fresh fruit containers and the berries themselves are inspected before processing
  • Water is tested before berries are washed (same for conventional)
  • Organic berries are stored in a separate area

Packaging for all your needs

Bleuets Mistassini Ltée. caters to your packaging requirements.


30-pound and 10-kilogram cardboard box


1,200-pound and 1,300-pound cardboard tote-bins


Steel drums for our frozen Juice Concentrate


Retail and Food Service size polybags: 300 gr, 500 gr, 1 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 lbs, etc.